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History of Annapolis, Maryland

Annapolis, Maryland is a very unique city with a lot of history. It was one of the earliest colonial cities, and initially referred to as the “Athens of America”. Annapolis surprisingly offered a unique experience of any of the colonial cities with culture, social gathering, and brought together many of the brightest intellectuals. The seaport was a bridge to the international world who could easily sail in to share news and visit Annapolis. This has been a popular city for over 300 years!

Annapolis is the capital of Maryland. The Puritans initially settled in Annapolis, calling it “Providence”. The name “Providence” was then changed to “Anne Arundel’s Towne” and eventually to Annapolis by Sir Francis Nicholson. On the Annapolis flag is actually an image of Queen Anne’s crown.

Annapolis has unique architecture and streets because of the initial designs created by the earliest settlers. Sir Francis designed Annapolis similar to capitals in Europe. He wanted vibrant streets to lead to the cornerstone structures of the city.

Culture & Arts

Annapolis began to boom because of the shipping industry that was easily accessible by the seaport. This benefited the quality of life for the initial settlers. Merchants and settlers wanted to replicate their luxuries and experiences in England, and sought to build that in Annapolis. Annapolis was constructed with ballrooms, luscious gardens, and incredible architecture.

Not known to most people, Annapolis has more original 18 century structures still in place than any other city. In addition to the shipping industry, horse racing began in Annapolis. Race Week would bring many colonialists from all over to take part, even George Washington himself coming to the Annapolis track to indulge.

Colonial Annapolis was home to many skilled performers and artisans, such as the Pearle family and John Shaw. The arts in Annapolis are unmatched. Just like hundreds of years ago, Annapolis is still a thriving city for practicing the arts, ballet, opera and symphony in beautiful theaters.

Rise of Annapolis

Many Americans don’t know this history of Annapolis. Instead, Annapolis is most well known for the Naval Academy centered in Annapolis. Annapolis is known for the Navy. St. John’s College, however, is actually the third oldest university in the U.S.

Annapolis also holds much historical significance for the assembling of the United States. The State House is where George Washington himself entered his resignation as General after the Revolutionary War.

The Chesapeake Bay provided opportunity for commerce hundreds of years ago, and slowly lost out on this industry to Baltimore with a wider harbor. Commerce turned more into boating and sailing in Annapolis, while Baltimore became a thriving port for commerce and shipping.

This city served as the seat of the Confederation Congress and temporary national capital of the U.S. Annapolis was founded in 1649, incorporated in 1708 and has a population over 39,000.

Annapolis has much history from the Colonial era, through the Civil War Era, to the Contemporary Era.

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